List of Build Packs

yb comes with optimized installers for many programming languages. These are made available for targets in the package configuration.

Build Pack Description Example
anaconda2 Python 2 via Miniconda anaconda2:2.7.11
anaconda3 Python 3 via Miniconda anaconda3:3.9.2
android Android SDK android:latest or a specific version like android:4333796
androidndk Android NDK androidndk:r21e
ant Apache Ant ant:1.10.9 *
dart Dart SDK dart:2.12.2
flutter Flutter SDK flutter:2.0.3
glide Glide dependency manager for Go glide:0.13.3
go Go go:1.16.2
gradle Gradle gradle:6.8.3 *
heroku The Heroku CLI Only heroku:latest is allowed
java OpenJDK binaries from AdoptOpenJDK java:16+36
maven Apache Maven maven:3.6.3 *
node Node.js with bundled npm node:14.16.0
protoc Protocol Buffer compiler protoc:3.15.6
python Python via Miniconda python:3.9.2 or python:2.7.11
r R programming language r:4.0.3
ruby Ruby ruby:2.6.3
rust Rust rust:1.51.0
yarn Yarn package manager for JavaScript yarn:1.22.10

* When using the ant, gradle, or maven build packs, you must also specify the java build pack.